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Corporate Sponsorship

Our basic request is easy and small. We only ask that you commit to sponsoring us with the interest you earn from one day per year. It's a small pledge and has little impact on your day to day operations. In fact, the money is being provided by your banking institution and represents only 1/365th of what you earn in interest each year.

What this represents to the many in need within our community, when combined with other corporations doing the same thing, is a powerful contribution of food and health to those who do not have the means to provide for themselves.

Corporate sponsorship pays our overhead.

We rely upon the generosity and support of corporations to allow us to continue to grow and reach out to help those in need. It's only through the sponsorship and grants of private instituations that we are able to staff our programs and pay for the facilities and infrastructure needed to serve those in need.

Your support within your business culture also helps us find hidden assets and opportunities that would otherwise remain undiscovered, generate volunteers, and help create the awareness that is often the difference between life and death for many people.

Let us help you, help them.

Many corporations have programs for sponsorhip already in place. For those that do not, we will be glad to assist you in setting up one fo many options so that you, your staff, and your customer base can benefit from a corporate-giving program. Below are some of the established benefits and programs that we can assist you with implementing.

Benefits of corporate philanthropy.

Many studies show that corporate charitable giving helps improve a company's bottom line. According to data from 1999 Cone/Roper Cause Trends Report.

Approximately 76% of consumers have indicated they would switch brands or retailers to one associated with a good cause, when price and equality are equal.

Approximately 87% of employees at companies with philanthropic programs feel a stronger sense of loyalty to their employer.

External benefits of corporate giving.

  • - Improved customer loyalty.
  • - Enhanced reputation and standing in the community.
  • - Increased positive name recognition and brand awareness.
  • - New and enhanced relationships with key community leaders and officials.
  • - Beneficial business-to-business relationships with non-profit organizations.
  • - A reservoir of good will within the community.
  • - Healthier, more liveable and economically stronger communities.

Internal benefits of corporate giving.

  • Competitive advantage in attracting and retaining employees.
  • Leadership and development opportunities for employees.
  • Exposure of senior staff to new ideas, points of view and important social movements.
  • Improved internal communication and common purpose.

Corporate Giving Program

Many corporations operate an annual giving program to make charitable grants, funded as part of their annual operating budgets. Business owners can blend their family business with family philanthropy by channeling their charitable support through their family corporation(s). A corporate giving program has no independent endowment, and its budget is typically administered by corporate staff and directed by the CEO or an advisory committee of managment staff memebers. A corporate giving program is not subject to the rules and regulations governing private corporate foundations.

Corporate Foundation

A company can create a corporate foundation as an independent, tax-exempt private foundation. A corporate foundation is usually started with a single gift that can become the endowment, to which the company can add future contributions as it wishes. The foundation's officers are usually the company owners and key executives, although leaders from headquarters' communities are sometimes included. At some companies, employee comittees make giving recommendations about projects they believe are worthy of support. The corporate foundation is subject to the same rules and regulations applicable to other private foundations.

Corporate Fund

Companies can create their own donor-advised funds at a community foundation of their choosing. For more information on this option, see give through a Community Foundation.

Employee Matchmaking & Non-Cash Giving

In addition to awarding case grants to charity, companies often offer to match their employees' gifts of cash and volunteer time to nonprofit organizations. Many companies assist and encourage their employees to give by organizing workplace giving programs (also known as "federated funds") and by facilitating payroll deductions for employees' charitable gifts. Companies sometimes match gifts that their employees make through workplace giving programs.

Some companies also organize employee workplace volunteer efforts, donate "in-kind" gifts of their products, or offer their services to charities on a free "pro bono" basis.