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How you can help.

Donate Today!

On average, every charitable dollar donated to Serve the People results in more than one dollar in assistance to families and the children we help in our programs — even after fundraising and administrative costs. So your small contribution is multiplied - not diminished - as it reaches out to change lives. Just the change in your pockets, the few dollars you might otherwise spend on a second cup of coffee, makes all the difference.

Your Contribution

We have a number of programs to help you - help us - help them. Find the program or combination, that best fits your situation.

Financial Donation

You can send a check directly to us, or use the provided Pay-Pal link to make a donation to help us help others. You will receive an email acknowledgment, and to help with your tax return paperwork we will send out a formal receipt for the donation in the month of December. This will be in the same period as your end of year earning statements for easier tax referencing.

Be Our Advocate

You can help by simply downloading our donation request profile (PDF), printing it out and taking it with you to your company or when you shop. Take a moment to talk to your Human Resources manager, or the manager of your local TARGET, WAL-MART, or other retail operation and ask them if they have a charitable donation program. Provide them the letter and see if they are willing to provide a gift card to us. If so, simply drop it in the mail and we will use it to provide shoes and essentials to needy children throughout the year. It only takes a few minutes of your time.

Auto Deduction

Our auto deduction program can be set up to systematically help you provide financial support to families through an automatic charge to your debit account or credit card. You can structure your support to donate on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Even a small amount given regularly adds up to help so many.

Share the Change

Many banks have programs in place to roll the change from your debit purchase into your savings account. Consider donating a portion of this to helping families in desperate need of your help.

Take an Interest

Sign up for our Take an Interest program where you can donate a portion of the interest you earn toward helping us help so many others. Even the interest from 1 day (365th) of your annual interest combined with other donors in our program can help feed a hungry child.

Refund Allocation

Pledge a small percentage of your next tax refund toward helping others. We can set you up on our program that will provide you with hot tips and advice before your next filing, helping you maximize your return. We also provide special program discounts on tax return services and/or software and provide you with tax receipts at the beginning of the calendar year. You will continue to receive a number of additional tax preparation benefits and reminders as tax deadlines approach.

Gift Card Program

In conjunction with VISA we have a number of gift cards available for purchase where 10% of the total purchase price is a donation and the balance of the card is sent to the recipient of your choice.